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Win-win Negotiations Training Workshop
Imagine being such an accomplished negotiator that every one involved in the negotiation walks away satisfied.
Win-Win negotiations is the gold standard for negotiation training classes.
Participants will receive one on one personal feedback from our professional negotiation training staff to improve their ability to communicate and negotiate in any situation.
Upon completion of the class participants will be able to handle even the most difficult negotiations with confidence and achieve more successful results that will boost the bottom line.

For Whom ? All the Corporate people

Why this program ?
Participants will learn to
  • Develop effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
  • Know when not to negotiate
  • Negotiate face to face on the phone and through e-mail
  • Learn to become more persuasive
  • Develop a common negotiating language with the other parties
  • Use questioning techniques to concern import information from the other party
  • Flex with client and employee behavior styles to enhance communication and trust
Where /When ? As per the need of the client, At the venue of client.

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents

Duration : ½ day program, Full day program