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Stress Management
(Introduction) What ? In today world we all often feel that a hidden enemy is working against us. Also we often feel that we are not able to utilize our full potential or unable to deal with pressures of life. This hidden enemy is nothing but the negative emotions like anger, frustration etc. which finally lead to many psychosomatic diseases, it affects adversely to your interpersonal relationships. This enemy creates problem for both physical & emotional health. This enemy can be prevented if we develop a proper approach to do so ,who is this enemy ?. It is known as "STRESS". Generally speaking stress is one which throws a man off his normal balance & creates a helpless, unpleasant situation.

“ Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. - Hans Selye 
For whom ?
For all those who
  • Those who want to incorporate effective stress management in to their personal & professional development plan.
  • Each and every one in today’s world is prone to “Stress”
Why ?
After doing this program the participants will ;
  • Identify stress & its causes
  • Map how they are currently managing stress
  • Know various methods of handling stressful conditions
  • Understand the linkage of stress & health
  • Move beyond our own comfort zone.
  • Learn about specific muscle relax & breathing techniques
  • Develop effective action plan for reducing stressful condition.
Where /When ? The program can be customized as per the needs of the client and can be structured and delivered at a time and place of their choice.

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents, Slides/clippings
Duration : Half day | full day | weeks

Program Names : Stress Management | Handling stress | Lead Happy life etc.