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Role of Government
The role of government agencies is to promote and support their own agenda and policy for the social economy sector. Invariably, the decisions taken at this level will affect SEs and could influence individual functions, such as governance.

Government policy intends to shape the sector by encouraging greater levels of involvement. However, it is the role of support groups to communicate the agenda to SEs. Like all organizations, SEs will be influenced by macro-level changes in the industries. These changes can be often catalyzed by government activity. The social economy sector is of particular interest to the government for reasons of inclusion, access to employment and social regeneration of communities. Critics might argue that there is a wider ideological basis, stemming from the dominance of market based solutions to society’s needs rather than state provision through locally based authorities. Either way, SEs contributes to achieving these goals and, therefore, collectively influences the success of these broad policy goals.

Returning to the notion of industry change, government influence is currently pushing the sector towards convergence. The government advocates the dissemination of best practice by successful SEs, as well as ‘sector champions’. The rationale behind this is that smaller enterprises (or potential social entrepreneurs) can apply some of these learned experiences to their own organizations, and adapt them to replicate success. Therefore, we can see how broader, macro-level policy decisions by governments might influence the shaping of the social economy sector, thus confirming the influence the various inputs and influence such agencies have on the typical SE.