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Permission Marketing
( How to develop marketing campaigns that your customer want )
What (Introduction) ? The rules of management have changed. In the good old days of marketing we ( brand ) used to call the shots ! the brand had the power. We could send what we liked to who we liked and when we liked.

Nobody could criticize marketing employees for just doing one job. But the advent of the internet has changed as all of the power is shifted to the consumer.

Today's rules are bared on "permission" without permission marketer cannot communicate with their customer- through any channel.

For Whom ? Marketing managers, Sales managers, Product managers, Managing directors, CEO's

Why this program ?
  • To develop marketing campaigns that customers want.
  • Targeting and reaching your audience
  • Sourcing, pricing and using external lists.

Where /When ? As per the need of the client, At the venue of client.

How ? Through activities /games / role plays /stories /incidents

Duration : Half day, Full day, two days program