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Participation & Empowerment
What (Introduction) ? The word Participation means sharing the decision- making power with the lower ranks of the organization in an appropriate manner. While Empowerment, thus, is the authority to take decisions within one's area of operation without having to get approval from anyone else, here the operatives are encouraged to use their initiatives to do things the way they like. Employees are given not just authority but resources also to make the decisions as quickly as possible.

The logic behind the workshop by Chayan is to involve workers in those divisions that affect them and by increasing their autonomy and control over their work lives, employees will become more motivated ,more committed to the organization, more productive and more satisfied with their jobs.

For Whom ? Workers, Supervisors, All levels in a management and decision making authorities.

Why this program ?
Chayan Academy makes an attempt to make you understand :-
  • Importance of workers participation in management
  • Problems in giving meaningful participation to workers
  • Conditions necessary for the empowerment
  • Nature and Importance of Quality circles.
Where /When ? As per the need of the client, At the venue of client.

How ? Through activities /games / role plays /stories /incidents

Duration : Half day, Full day, Two days program
Program Names : Participation in management, Workers participation in management, How to get the employee participation, Participation- A new dimension, Industrial Relations Making Empowerment happen, Quality Circle