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Handling Obstacles During Negotiation
This program will teach you and your employees how to handle the obstacles that can and will, arise during negotiations.
How you can guess that which objections and questions arise during negotiations, that can be either added or deleted to the benefit of both the parties..
Handling obstacles during negotiations will provide you with negotiation skills and negotiations tools to use that will allow you to engage in effective win-win negotiations that will help you to achieve the desired outcome of putting more money in your pocket.
For Whom ? All the Corporate persons.

Why this program ?
Participants will learn to
  • Effective passive tactics and to neutralize them.
  • Manage questions by answering appropriately and ending with another question to regain control of the negotiations
  • Create a list of concessions that can be "given" during the negotiations to use as bargaining tools.
  • Use the paceand pitch of your voice to obtain a calm, powerful position
  • Prepare a principled negotiation outline by using a simple, but highly effective format.
Where /When ? As per the need of the client, At the venue of client.

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents

Duration : ½ day program or As per the need of clients