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Handling Obstacles during Presentation
Preparation, thought and understanding of the purposes of questions make the difference. One of the tests of leadership , when questions and answers are tackled on to a presentation as a proforma after the audiences senses that the presentee is not interested in interacting with them, results in, to encounter dead silence. This workshop Will provide you with the skills and tools to use that will allow you to give effective memorable presentations. Intensive  one-on-one feedback is provided by you trainees.

“Our chief want in life is some body who shall make us do what we can”
                                                                                      ----  R W Emesoh

For Whom ? All the corporates people, any industry, Hospitals, Schools.

Why this program ?
Participants will learn to
  • Manage question and answer session by using question in the analysis, objectives, design, delivery and evaluation phases of the presentation & design.
  • Answer questions strictly  so they don’t interrupt the flow of their presentation
  • Deflect personal, hostile, or irrelevant question by answering the question amicably
  • Create a list before hand of what questions they hope and one asks and then prepare to answer them.
  • Use the pace, tone and pitch of their voice to create enthusiasm and interest in the audience.
  • Properly use visual aides
  • Use a simple but highly effective format
  • Capture the audience’s attention within the first 60 seconds of the presentation.
Where /When ? Anytime as per the need & convenience of clients

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents

Duration : Half day, one or two days program.