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What (introduction) ? Proper grooming is the key factor which determines our confidence. A refined human being is the one who is healthy in body, alert in mind and noble in character, such a person is enriched with good breeding, proper etiquettes and politeness. He possesses an innate sense of dignity, is caring and gentle towards others.

[Chayan Academy provides necessary guidelines for an acceptable social behaviour of the people to succeed in life to compete on global platform in today's demanding world]
Personal hygiene – male /female, Health points
Body language, Dress right, Formal wear – formal occasions
Functions and Do's
Art of presenting yourself
Dining - Different cuisines ,Use of cutlery and crockery
Informal dining , Formal 3 course to 7 course dining
Hosting a dinner

For Whom ? Students, executives on the move, homemakers, salespeople

Where /When ? As per the need of the client, At the venue of client.

How ? Lectures, Workshops, Simulations (At hotels), Games, Discussion groups

Duration : 7 sessions of 4 hours each/ 14 sessions of 2 hours each
Program names : Grooming for working women, Grooming for entrepreneurs /professional , Grooming for home makers , Grooming for youngsters, Improving self