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Finance Modelling Workshop
(Introduction) What ? Any company's financial futures has never been more difficult to predict. Need to be on top of your firm's financial situation / this hands - on comprehension course where you will review the latest analytical tools and you will also develop a clear understanding of which one and how to use them to improve the profit picture for your company.

For whom ? Managers seeking a refresher in analytical techniques on who are responsible for their company's financial future including accounts, financial analysts , vice presidents of finance project managers, budget analysts, treasurers and controllers.

Why this program ?
Understand the significance of proper formulation and interpretation of models
  • Translate specific quantitative problems into neatly structured mathematical models.
  • Get the most from your software investment
  • Create more powerful models in less time.
  • Draw more accurate conclusions from the result of your models.
  • Classifying model types by function and time horizon
  • Formulating financial forecasting models
  • Using optimization and simulation techniques
  • Analyzing risk in financial modeling
Where /When ? At the venue of client, As per the need of clients

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents

Duration : Half day minimum depending on client’s need