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Developing & Maintaining Team Spirit
What (Introduction) ? Achieving the organisation's goals is the job of all members of the team. By leading, inspiring, persuading and developing a creative work environment, the team can achieve beyond expectation . Team dynamics are also the course elements needed to accomplish the challenges and opportunities presented each day. Developing relationships and alliances is an essential aspect of effective organization.

For Whom ? This program is designed for all employees who view their job as an integrated effort with other people, departments and support systems.

Why this program ?
After Completing this program, the employees will learn to
  • Understand key functional differences between "normal" and virtual team
  • Recognize team phases and individual needs in order to manage appropriately
  • Learn about new platform and structures for managing and leading virtual and non co located teams.
  • Insights of the implications of cultural differences, preconceptions and practice in diverse and cross national team work.
  • Understand leadership styles and how these impact on team performance quickly and effectively
  • Gain new tools, skills and processes for bringing team to high levels of performance quickly and effectively
Where /When ? As per the need of the client, At the venue of client.

How ? Through activities /games / role plays /stories /incidents

Duration : 2 days program