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Crisis Communications
What would you do, or say in the event of a major fire at your place of business ? 
In the event of significant health scale ?
Employee trend on a grand scale ?
;An emergency in business 

To know  who is charged with the responsibility of providing what information to what people, which, how & why is a basic precursor to the effective development of a crisis communications plan that you can hope you will have need but can rest assured, is there, if you do. 

For Whom ? This workshop is designed for managers and staff who are likely to have responsibility. Manager responsible for developing and preparing a crisis plan to the CEO who will be faced with fronting up to the media.

Why this program ?
Understanding of the dynamics of effective communication under pressure and to equip them with the skill and tools necessary to diagnose their organizations crisis communications “needs” plan that will meet those needs.

Where /When ? Workshop are held in venues of the clients choice with input from the Marketing Bureau on the specific characteristics required of a venue for this program.

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents

Duration : Half day, one or two days program.