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Corporate Communications
Unplanned communications (everything that an organization says and does) can account for up to 90% of an organizations communications effect.

Often corporate communication activities including media interviews, presentations and even crisis communication have been consigned (internationally or otherwise) to the category of unplanned communication. Outcomes of these communications have been ineffective.

The result can be extremely damaging to an organization's reputation, brand, share price and other key elements. Skills development is a key step in turning unplanned communication into planned communication.

Properly equip management and / or appropriate persons with the knowledge and look needed to ensure planned outcomes from any media, crisis or presentation "event" with which they may be faced.

The security under which the media is increasingly placing business and organizational life, places great pressure on your people and yourself to "say the right thing"


For Whom ? This workshop is designed for managers and staff who are likely to have responsibility of any kind for the management.

Why this program ?
FOR : Clear understanding of the dynamics of effective media communication in both proactive and reactive models
TO : Equip participants with the skills and tools necessary to minimize the potentially negative outcome of media communication.
The workshop works with real issues involving your own organizational role plays from no part of the workshop content.

Where /When ? Workshop are held in venues of the clients choice with input from the Marketing Bureau on the specific characteristics required of a venue for this program.

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents

Duration : Half day, one or two days program.