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Advanced Negotiation Training Workshop
In the world business, there are negotiations and there are simple negotiations after commodities and services where things like price, terms and delivery are early to define and the outcome of the process is almost pre determined.
However, in today's hyper competitive global economy, the scope and significance of negotiation can involve intense, high stakes interactions revolving around a series of complex issues affecting multiple parties.
When facing these more sophisticated situations, negotiations need highly developed skill and strategies to guide them through the intense preparation.


For Whom ? All the corporates people.

Why this program ?
Participants will learn to
  • better understand every aspect of the other side in advance of the actual negotiation.
  • gain a thorough understanding of the other side's option to negotiating an agreement.
  • adjust the pace & tone of the negotiation according to the behaviour and personality style.
  • create power when the other side appeals to have all power.
Where /When ? At the venue of clients, As per the need of clients

How ? Through PPT , Activities, Role plays, Games, Stories /incidents

Duration : As per the need of clients